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How Your Stress Affects Your Pets

Aside from the negative effects that stress has on our health , research suggests that our anxiety affects our pets too. A 2019 study by Sweden’s Linköping University, found the stress levels in our pets are greatly influenced by what they observe through their owners. According to the study, short term stress had a contagious effect between dogs and their owners. This type of acute stress has been assessed through blood and saliva samples , However the chronic stress being evaluated was studied by measuring cortisol concentrations in the hair,58 dogs and their female owners, which were collected on two separate occasions.

The results indicated a strong presence of long-term stress hormone levels synchronized between dogs and their humans, Although is likely is much more research to be done on this topic, these results should provide further motivation to us all when it comes to managing our stress, not just for our wellbeing but for that of our companion animals too,

More information regarding the study can be found at

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