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As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Lawyer Wellness Coach, Dr. Patti is  uniquely qualified to offer one-of-a-kind s services that go or beyond  traditional coaching and wellness. Instead, Dr. Patti focuses on a holistic approach, which offers truly integrative wellness programs for law students, lawyers  law firms, corporations,  and organizations.

Stress Management  Strategies

We all need to invest the time and resources necessary to protect and support our emotional and mental wellness, Dr..Patti offers one-on-one consulting and coaching memberships  that are designed to support your individualized wellness goals.


Coaching Programs

Although the connection between nutrition and mental wellness is well documented dietary deficiencies and depression, stress and anxiety. We offer a variety of individual and group wellness programs. Each program can be tailored in accordance with law firm objectives and individual lawyer goals.

By partnering with her clients, Dr. Patti is able to offer general wellness guidance as well as an option for more specific wellness protocol for each lawyer or member of the firm or organization.

Customized programs can include, consultations in relation to:

  • Simple strategies for creating and implementing a winning wellness plan

  • Life ba

  • improving stress processing practices

  • Addressing anxiety from the inside out

  • Understanding the cause and effect of chronic stress

  • Cultivating Cognitive health habits for lif

  • Holistic Health approaches for dealing with Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. Contact us for firm specific pricing          

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