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Emotional and Mental Wellness Coaching for
the Legal Community

According to multiple studies, the legal profession is facing a mental health crisis. No one understands the stress that comes with being a lawyer more than a lawyer. We share many of the same personal and professional struggles. That was the motivation behind the formation of Counsel-Care. Founded by a Lawyer, Naturopathic Doctor and Cognitive Wellness Coach, Counsel-Care is a holistic health platform specifically developed to offer education and information resources that promote greater balance and optimal lawyer wellness.

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Our Offerings

E-Wellness Platform

Wellness instead of stress. Hand turns a cube and changes the word 'stress' to 'wellness'.

Counsel-Care Ed is an on-demand Wellness Platform offering prerecorded and written materials for 24/7 access to Lawyer wellness information.

Access members only content and downoadable wellness resources curated and designed exclusively for the legal profession.

OnDemand Wellness CLE

Dr. Patti is a nationally

recognized CLE Presenter with more than 20 presentations on lawyer wellness, including topics addressing stress, depression, maladaptive perfectionism, Cognitive Behavior Therapy,  cognitive wellness, substance abuse, diet and nutrition and workplace wellness. Each membership comes with unlimited access to all

on-demandmCLE courses.

Members Only Social Media Forum


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LegalEase.Social is our proprietary social wellness forum  designed exclusively for the legal community,  where lawyers can engage in the exchange of support and encouragement on self care topics with other  legal professionals.

Our forum also offers wellness coaching tips and content contributions by Dr. Patti to assist in the discussions.

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A New Paradigm in Lawyer Workplace Wellness 

Counsel-Care is passionate about assisting law firms establish and maintain workplace wellness initiatives that are both convenient and cost effective. Our attorney wellness content and forums are a wonderful enhancement to the workplace, either as a stand alone option or a compliment to your current workplace wellness program.

Dedicated channels are also available for support staff.



-seamless and focused CLE Thank you     


-100%. Very good advice that is easy to apply in day to day practice.


-The presenter was amazing.I loved her story and everything she had to share to support mental health. Thank you.


 -Very good speaker with important information for our mental health.Thank you.


-Quite simply the greatest CLE I have ever taken. Thank you for this presentation. I mean that sincerely.


-Excellent UNIQUE CLE


-Many good tactics and tips on how it applies to you. Very helpful

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