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Stress Medicine

The connection between emotions and physical health is well established.  At Counsel-Care, we focus on all aspect of health, including the chronic conditions that can develop as a result of ongoing stress. From health quizzes and proactive strategies to management tips, techniques, mind-body exercises and gratitude practices, Counsel-Care focuses on a whole person approach to help lawyers prevent, manage and even restore wellness in a safe, gentle and noninvasive manner, 

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Emotion Regulation

Regulating our emotions is one of the most important skills we can master as attorneys. From Neuroscience technique to natural therapeutics, we equip lawyers with the necessary tools to master their emotions. 

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A New Paradigm in Lawyer Workplace Wellness 

Counsel-Care is passionate about assisting law firms establish and maintain workplace wellness initiatives that are both convenient and cost effective.  Unlike other platforms, Counsel-Care offers a holistic approach, including all aspects of lifestyle wellness, to provide quality content and one-of-a-kind wellness forums. Each program is custom  designed to meet each firm's needs, whether as a comprehensive plan or as a supplement to an existing EAP or wellness program.


Dr. Patti is a nationallyrecognized CLE Presenter with more than 20 presentations on lawyer wellness, including topics addressing stress, depression, maladaptive perfectionism, Cognitive Behavior Therapy,  cognitive wellness, substance abuse, diet and nutrition and workplace wellness. Each membership comes with unlimited access to all on-demand CLE courses.


-seamless and focused CLE Thank you     

-100%. Very good advice that is easy to apply in day to day practice.

-The presenter was amazing.I loved her story and everything she had to share to support mental health. Thank you.

 -Very good speaker with important information for our mental health.Thank you

-Quite simply the greatest CLE I have ever taken. Thank you for this presentation. I mean that sincerely.

-Excellent Unique CLE

-Many good tactics and tips on how it applies to you. Very helpful

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